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Yes, I Need Live Law Leads!

I want to free up the hours of time I spend with online marketing so I can focus on what makes me money: helping clients!

You get notified within moments of a potential client requesting a call from a lawyer in your practice area and geographic region.  We can even qualify leads with custom questions you provide.

Benefits of Switching to Leads


Growing your law firm through leads avoids lots of looky-loo calls.  Too many online SEO marketing companies want you to feel like you're getting value for the money, so they add your phone number to every free listing to boost your calls.  Sure, your calls increase, but you end up spending hours on calls that will never turn into clients.  By buying leads, you get to talk with people who have expressed an actual interest in your particular practice area, not just someone who Googled "free legal advice." 


When your lead generation is consistent, you have the ability to streamline your intake process and improve each client's experience.  The more time to spend with your prospects and clients, the happier they are.  Plus, by eliminating things that are not within your core competency (like marketing), you gain time and energy to focus on your clients.  Happier clients mean less stress, a better law firm, more referrals, and ultimately greater income for you!


Just about every business coach will tell you to stick with what you are good at, and to delegate the rest.  If you think about each daily task in terms of your hourly rate, what you spend time on becomes clearer.  Spending 10 hours a month trying to figure out how to rank your website higher means 120 hours a year not billing.  Thinking about marketing in this way makes it clear that it is time to outsource to 


You are going to reach a maximum return on SEO in your area.  The search engines are going to give you only so much business based on how good your website SEO might be.  By buying leads, you are no longer limited by what the search engines send you (or how their algorithm updates impact your website).  Instead, you can count on a steady stream of leads that meet your predetermined criteria.  When get a consistent flow of leads, it also makes planning cash-flow easier.  Leads let you plan staffing in advance and grow your firm!


You went to law school to practice law, not to worry about where your next new client is going to come from. By removing some of that stress by acquiring new clients through leads, you get to begin enjoying the practice of law again.

Why My Law Firm Switched

troy testimonialTen years ago, internet marketing was like fishing with dynamite.  I spent $500 a month on pay-per-click and got so many clients that I built a law firm that grew to a dozen lawyers here in Ohio.  Few lawyers were doing online marketing or even understood it back then.  By 2021 Q3-Q4, each new client my law firm got through internet marketing cost us $532.31.  Just about every lawyer – good and bad – is online now.  The big players employ experts to boost their SEO and backlinks to get more of the business.  That has made internet marketing expensive and time consuming.  It also caused me to realize that I shouldn’t be spending hours and hours of my time trying to figure out how to move one place up the search results.  It simply is not an effective use of my time compared to buying leads or practicing law.

I could hire a marketing company to make my website better.  But I’ve found that to be a crap-shoot.  The few I’ve hired actually produced worst results than when I did the website work myself.  The difference with buying leads is that I know what my results are going to be.  I know what each lead costs me, and I know the person calling will be within the ballpark of the legal services I provide.  Even if I only sign up 20% of callers, that is a lot better than the conversion rate I’m getting now.  Plus, I know all the leads will be in my practice area.  This also saves me lots of time over talking to every caller who just dialed the first phone number that appeared in the search listings.

I also realized that every hour I save by not spending my time on marketing is one more hour I can bill into a matter.  Let me say that again in a different way: attorneys who spend time learning marketing are losing money when there is a more cost-effective option available.  This is because we are in a time-based industry.  Every hour we spend away from billing clients is money lost unless that activity is more valuable than our hourly rate.  When you think about your time like this, it makes a lot of sense to farm out lead generation to the experts.  We are all experts at something, and unless that is marketing, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.  For me, because lead-buying is more efficient than what I can do on my own, it became a no brainer to switch.  Now that is what I do, and is my company!

Troy Doucet, Esq.
Doucet Gerling Co., LPA, Columbus, Ohio


We Serve All Practice Areas

The most common types of live law leads are from the most popular (and lucrative) areas of practice.  This includes personal injury, MVA PI, mass tort (all defendants), nursing home abuse, workers’ compensation, social security, bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, debt collection defense, domestic relations, business formation, business litigation, intellectual property, immigration, estate planning, medical malpractice, consumer law, criminal defense, DUI/DWI, real estate, employment, wrongful termination, id theft, and more.

We can source live law leads from virtually any practice area.  Just ask!


Now is the Time to Start!

We offer professional live law lead generation services that help lawyers increase their client base with practice area-specific leads from people who are seeking help right now. 

You can cancel anytime and start and stop lead delivery as you need more work (or as you need a breather to handle all your new clients).  We do ask that law firms placing custom orders provide us reasonable advanced notice.

Our goal is to give you a return that is multiples of your current cost structure.  Pricing is based on practice area, competition in the market, and geographic region.  We also have a generous return policy on most leads, and you can always return a lead with incorrect contact information.

We source all real-time leads as exclusive leads that are not resold.  You decide the quantity and duration of leads we supply to you, as well as the practice area and geographic region.  We can also add custom qualifying questions and filter callers based on your criterion.

Our leads comply with ABA Rule 7.2 and 7.3 and our lead sourcing efforts are focused on opted-in consumers.  We do not source leads from cold calls, and leads are vetted for TCPA and CAN-SPAM compliance.

We provide you real time leads.  If you want calls, that means the prospective client is on the phone when the call is transferred to you.  Form-based leads are routed immediately to your email or directly into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.  Our auto-renew process is seamless so your lead traffic won't miss a beat.

There are no hidden fees.  Setting up your account is free and we don't charge a management fee.  Our pricing is transparent so you know what you are paying for each lead we send you.


How do I get the leads delivered to me?

Leads are delivered in real time directly to your email or CRM (e.g., Clio).  We send you a leads as the consumer submits a request for help in a self-identified practice and geographic area.  For example, Sam Smith fills out an online form indicating his name, phone, email, and indicates he needs help with a personal injury matter in Texas.  If you are signed up with our service to accept personal injury matters in Texas, as soon as Sam clicks "submit," his information is routed to you and only you.  You then give Sam a call and hopefully sign him up as a client!  We can also notify Sam right away via email of your name and contact information to help Sam avoid moving to the next attorney.  Or, you can set up your CRM to do the same thing, but that's your choice!  Oh, one more thing.  We can also text you a notification that Sam just submitted an injury so you can reach him even faster.

Can I pay you after I get paid on the matter, as a percent of the recovery?

Fee sharing with an attorney not involved with a case is prohibited by many state bar's professional responsibility rules.  It also implicates malpractice coverage and subjects us both to joint responsibility when we don't really know each other that well.  So, to make things as uncomplicated as possible, we just sell leads.  If you are concerned about cost, you can always join forces with a colleague to buy and work leads together.  We will leave that to your professional judgment.

How can you guarantee that every lead will turn into a client?

No, but you wouldn't want to sign up every lead anyway.  You want the freedom to select the clients that will be the most profitable to you, and those that meet your law firm's unique practice needs.  The best way to think about leads is as a supplement to your current marketing efforts, or a total replacement if it is easier and more cost efficient to do so.  Lawyers who already spend money to advertise online will be in the best position to understand the cost efficiencies of lead buying, even without converting every call.

Is this worth it for me?

Do you want to more business or to grow your law firm?  If you've got a website and spend money on pay-per-click, you will probably find buying leads is a much better deal.  If you're an SEO wiz, you still might find we are a better deal, especially if you want to scale up your business and have topped out in client calls based on your current efforts.    The best way to find out is to give us a shot.  

How do leads help me grow my cash flow?

Leads help you plan for a specific number of calls each week and each month.  That helps you know what kind of income you can plan for on a regular basis.  It also helps you plan for what kind of expenses you can expect with your current marketing budget.  Finally, buying leads allows you to scale if more leads are available in your market because you can simply start receiving more leads on demand.