Attorney Lead Generator

An attorney lead generator can dramatically increase new client intake at a better cost.

What Does a Lead Generator Do?

An attorney lead generator is a company that finds prospective clients who are looking for legal help. The attorney lead generator then matches those people with lawyers looking for new clients. Some attorney lead generators will specialize in one or two practice areas. For example, lead generator might focus on personal injury leads. They might also specialize in workers' compensation leads because those two legal practice areas are similar. These kinds of attorney lead generators will market directly to the public. The lead generator gets paid per lead provided to the lawyer according to their results on a per lead basis.

Grow Your Law Firm

Grow your law firm by getting more new clients in the door quickly.

Save Time

Skip all the hard work of figuring out how to market your law firm online.  We handle the leads for you.

Consistent Leads for Cash Flow

We can provide a steady flow of new client leads each month to help you smooth out your cash flow.

Quality Prospects

We get you the prospects you want to talk to, whether directly via email or connected via phone.

How is an Attorney Lead Generator Different?

An attorney lead generator is different than a marketing company that helps a law firm boost its online profile. A marketing company might help a lawyer improve its SEO or manage a pay per click campaign. This kind of company does not focus on direct lead generation, but rather boosts the lawyer's online profile for people searching for legal help online. That way, the law firm appears higher in the search results when someone is searching for their kind of practice area. These kinds of lawyer marketing firms are paid on a flat monthly basis, and/or a percentage of the advertising spend of the law firm. The lawyer pays the same amount to the marketing company without regard to the actual business brought into the lawyer's practice.
As a lawyer looking for leads, you can see the immediate difference between these two types of business models. While an SEO marketing company can help a lawyer improve their online attorney profile, why not skip directly to the results you are looking for? That is, actual lead generation is your goal, so buy leads.

Are Lead Generators Worth it?

The simple answer is yes.  The more complex answer to whether an attorney lead generator is worth it is based on what you spend right now to generate new clients.  

The simple answer is yes because an attorney lead generator provides you new client leads at an exact price that you know ahead of time.  Also, an attorney lead generator can generally provide you a consistent flow of new client leads each month, smoothing out your cash flow and expenses over the year.  Also, the attorney lead generator takes on the risks of internet marketing and things like changes to Google's algorithms.  Therefore, it is usually a much better idea to buy leads than spend the hours of figuring out internet marketing on your own.

As to the more complex answer of whether a lead generator is worth it comes down to your current spend on marketing.  If you track where your client clients come from, then this calculation is easy.  Just add up all your new clients from a marketing source and then divide that number into how much you spend on that marketing source.  Add up all your internet marketing costs into a bundle when doing this.  Then compare that number to what an attorney lead generator could produce for you to determine whether lead generators are worth it to you.  For example, if you spent $20,000 on internet marketing last year and brought on 40 new clients from those efforts, then your cost per client acquisition was $500 each.  If an attorney lead generation company could send you 10 leads for $50 each, then your $20,000 spend would mean 400 new prospective client calls.  So long as you signed up 41 of those new prospective calls, it would be more cost efficient for you to buy leads.

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