Lawyer Lead Pricing

The cost of leads ranges between $10 and $700 each.  Most leads cost between $40 to $75.  Nearly all legal leads are exclusive.


Low Priced Legal Leads

At the low end of the cost spectrum are lower-quality leads that may have been gathered as part of a broader information request.  For example, some sites might offer a prize for a consumer to complete a questionnaire that might include 5 different questions that will generate leads to five separate types of businesses (think law, insurance, investing, etc).  These legal leads are priced cheap because you will need to contact then quickly and possibly repeatedly to sign them up as a client.  These work GREAT for firms that have an automated marketing system (email) in place and need quantity over quality.   They are not ideal for lawyers who screen each call themselves.


Higher Priced Leads

Leads for lawyers that cost over $125 each are for higher-qualified prospects in an area of high competition.  These are most moving vehicle accident (MVA) leads.  The most expensive MVA leads are in highly competitive jurisdictions, such as California.  Most leads that cost $125 will have answered several specific questions that qualify them and also have been generated by a dedicated source, such as a Google search.  For example, an MVA lead would be asked if the accident was their fault, the date of the accident, whether they sought medical care, and whether they currently have counsel.  As you can see, this kind of legal lead would be the result of someone purposefully thinking about their need and be more likely to convert.  That is why these are higher priced than other leads.

Pricing for Most Legal Leads

Most legal leads are priced around $40-50 each.  This covers most practice areas in most jurisdictions.  There are some variations in cost however, based on geographic region and practice area.  For example, workers' compensation leads can cost closer to $100 each while business leads closer to $20 each.  If you want to know how much leads would cost for your law firm, the best way to find out is to ask!  Contact us today!